Stefanie Williams, MA, RD, LDN, CLT

• • •  My Philosophy  • • • 
My goal is to make nutrition simple. I help my clients achieve their food
and nutrition goals, working with the mind and body. I help my clients enjoy food and
feel well.

Eating Disorders
Body Image
Intuitive Eating
Food Sensitivities
Heart Health
Focused Awareness Meditation


When I chose to become a dietitian, I was following my fascination - food, and the way it affects all of us. Food can be a centerpiece to our celebrations as well as the first line of therapy in our individual recovery - whether it is recovery from an eating disorder, treatment for chronic inflammatory conditions such as migraines, IBS and joint pain,  improving mental health or  managing health concerns such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease. I have a private practice in Spring City, PA and have recently joined the interdisciplinary team at The Brightening Center in Exton, PA.

I have a strong commitment tosimplify nutrition messages and to work with people to feel better in their body, enjoy food and be well. 

Making nutrition simple 

one meal, one snack, one day at a time.

Reach out today to get started.