Eating Disorders

“Food is, in fact, the most important psychotherapeutic agent in the
treatment of eating disorders.”

Doug Bunnell, PhD, CEDS, Chief Clinical Officer, Clementine Treatment Programs

Early identification and intervention in treating eating disorders such as AnorexiaBulimia, Binge Eating Disorder, ARFID and other disordered eating behaviors can allow for the greatest success in achievement of recovery and normalized eating patterns. I help my clients develop a personal approach to achieving and sustaining recovery. We are going for freedom: freedom from food fears, food rituals and food-related thoughts. 

I work with clients at the out-patient level (adolescents through adults), as well as those transitioning from higher levels of care. I collaborate with members of your treatment team, to help coordinate all aspects of recovery. I also offer sessions to work with parents, partners, caregivers, schools, guidance counselors, coaches as well as other designated support systems, to help loved ones as they journey through the recovery process.

Here is a link to Nine Truths About Eating Disorders, published by the Academy for Eating Disorders:

The following is a link to EAT-26, Eating Attitudes Test. This confidential screening is not meant to diagnose an eating disorder or take the place of professional evaluation. However, it may help you recognize the presence of an eating disorder and seek appropriate help.

Eating Attitudes Test